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The Swagga Bag

The Swagga Bag Pros, Cons, and Creative Product Testing Swagger & Hide is excited to announce the launch of our Swagga Bag, made from 100% New Zealand leather. The official Swagga Bag launch is on July 1, to coincide with the start of Plastic-Free July.* Here’s a look at some of the pros of the Swagga Bag. And because Swagger & Hide believes in being straight up, we’ve thought of some cons too. Pros: It carries your stuff. Not golf balls (see ‘cons’ below), but lots of other things. In fact, almost all the stuff you used single-use plastic bags for, back in the dark times when we still used those. Veges? Can carry!  Bread? Can carry!  Cereal? Can carry!...

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Burn Baby Burn - How to smoke out the leather imposters

Often we pay a premium for leather goods, but are you really getting genuine organic leather or a very good imposter?  There are several ways to try and determine you are getting the real deal, established over the decades as a rough guide. The flame test is a good start, but can be largely impractical in a retail store...cant imagine Louis Vuitton or Gucci would be happy with you lighting something up in their store! We talk through some practical suggestions for your guidance.

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