About Us

Leather crafting and design SwaggerandHideLeatherworks New Zealand grew from likeminded people with a passion for all things leather.  Only the finest 100% fullgrain leather was used, in true keeping with the craft dating back thousands of years. Only traditional techniques are used to work and craft the leather to produce truly unique pieces.

​Leather itself can take minds to a place of warmth, of old worldly crafting, of travel, and companionship.  The texture of the leather conveys a certain personality and feel. In designing anything, the craftsmen of Leatherworks New Zealand take all of these sensory perceptions into account.

​Our passion for leather is conveyed through the many differing products we design and produce; from architectural interior design to high-end fashion items and accessories. If you can dream of something made from leather, Leatherworks New Zealand relish the challenge of bringing it into being.